Coping Skills Lead To Success In The Classroom

When Thomas first came to Quinte Children’s Homes a couple of years ago, he was generally shy and withdrawn. However, he also had some significant behavioral issues. Those same issues came up in the classroom when he started attending Applewood Academy. “Thomas had a lot of aggressive behaviour and conflicts with other students,” explained Angela… Continue reading

Pulling Things Together To Reach His Dream

Steven just didn’t like school. Ever. “I didn’t see the point,” he said. “And it was boring.” Now in grade 11, Steven has been a student at Applewood Academy for about two-and-a-half years. Applewood is a private school that combines therapeutic support with high-quality education for youth who have emotional and behavioral problems. When he… Continue reading


Common Behavioural Disorders

Common Behavioural Disorders in Children From thumb sucking to temper tantrums, kids go through a lot of phases as they grow up. Some pass quickly, while others have longer-term implications. When behavioural disorders get out of hand, the cause may require more serious attention. There are a number of common behavioural disorders that may be… Continue reading


Links to Learning: Empowering Through Support and Education

15 years ago, options in the Belleville / Quinte area for children with learning disabilities or special needs were slim: the Quinte Learning Disability Association had information to offer, but few resources and no space. Joan Burton, then president of the Association, knew this was a problem — and, with a core group of volunteers,… Continue reading

Community support

Community Support: Giving Back

At Stevenson, Waplak & Associates, our main focus is the youth and adults who come to us for help or who join our team as foster parents – our Parent Therapists. But we also support programs in our community that are available for all kids and young adults, especially educational opportunities. “Academics is one of… Continue reading

childhood nutrition

Childhood Nutrition Impacts Education

When you’re dealing with an aggressive teenager, whether they eat a lot of tuna and spinach may not be the first thing that comes to mind. But more and more research shows that diet can make a big difference — and it’s one of the first things Stevenson, Waplak & Associates looks at when we… Continue reading

classroom behaviour coping in the classroom

Coping Strategies for Classroom Behaviour

At Applewood Academy for Progressive Learning, the school year starts with a clean slate, a plan, and a lot of patience and understanding. As Jeff Waplak noted, learning is frustrating for a lot of kids, which can lead to disruptive classroom behaviour. We try to find out what causes the frustration so we can do something… Continue reading

individual education plan

Applewood Academy: An Education Plan for Every Student

Applewood Academy for Progressive Learning is a school for kids who’ve struggled in a public school setting. The program we create for every student isn’t just something we believe in; it’s something that, as a “therapeutic boarding school”, we need to do. Under the Education Act for Ontario, Applewood has to meet certain requirements –… Continue reading

Back to school

Help at home: Back to school with Applewood Academy

There are two significant parts in every child’s life: What happens at school, and what happens at home. At Applewood Academy for Progressive Learning, we understand that home life definitely impacts what happens at school – and vice versa. We work with parents and our students to try to keep everything in balance. Frequent communication… Continue reading

Alternative schools Applewood Academy

Education with Alternative Schools: Applewood Academy

Back to school is an exciting time of year for every family, but some parents have an added concern: Wondering what challenges might pop up. Some kids don’t fit into a traditional school setting and the results – like suspensions or expulsions – can cause a lot of stress. Applewood Academy for Progressive Learning, a… Continue reading