Doug Ankenmann

Doug Ankenmann

High School Teacher

Hello, my name is Douglas Ankenmann and I am the High School teacher at Applewood Academy. It is a great pleasure to once again be provided with the privilege of working within a therapeutic school setting.

Prior to beginning my teaching career, I worked for the City of Toronto Emergency Medical Services (E.M.S.) from 1982 to 1999. I began university studies with evening courses in 1989, and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Geography and Bachelor of Education (Junior/Intermediate, B.Ed.) degree from York University in 1994. I then returned to school part-time in 1995 and completed a Master’s of Adult Education (M.Ad.Ed.) degree from St. Francis Xavier University in 1999.

I chose to make a career change from health care to education in September 1999, and have always worked within a therapeutic school environment. I have also further developed my unique area of teaching by completing additional teaching qualifications in Special Education and English as a Second Language. During my teaching career with Durham Region District School Board (DDSB) I taught at the Junior, Intermediate and Senior levels and was Acting Department Head of Special Education, Grove School. My breadth of teaching experience covered many subject areas of the Ontario Ministry of Education curriculum from Grades 3 to 12.

In 2012 I retired after 34 years of public service work and shortly afterwards gained private sector employment supervising M.C.A.T. instructors. In July 2017 my wife and I moved to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, where I taught for two years in a Grade 3 classroom.

Upon returning from overseas teaching, my spouse and I settled back into our Belleville home, thinking I was going to remain retired. However, the opportunity to join Applewood Academy came up in September 2019, so here I am!

I enjoy the challenges and rewards that come from working with At Risk Youth and I pride myself on creating an individualized learning environment in which every student may have the opportunity to experience learning success. When I am not teaching, you may very well find me in a music rehearsal, performing on stage in a musical theatre production, or completing a home construction project.