Therapeutic Boarding School

Your child CAN maintain a stable school placement.


About Our Therapeutic Boarding School

The elementary school program at Applewood Academy for Progressive Learning has been issued a Board Student Identification Number (BSID) and is listed as a private school on the Ontario Ministry of Education website. Our mission is to provide individualized, therapeutically supported educational programming for students from kindergarten to grade 8, whose learning has been impacted upon by challenges from developmental, medical, and mental health conditions. We work in partnership with the local school board to help adolescent students earn high school credits.

Local school boards will try their best to assist with your child’s needs and difficulties. Unfortunately they are often ill-equipped to do so. We take a great deal of pride in our therapeutic boarding schools’ many success stories.

Think we might be the right fit? Begin the conversation by contacting us – we could be the right provider of supportive educational and home environments for you.

Our programs have directly helped many students and their entire families.

Our three core principles of Care, Safety and Treatment come together to help our students. They ensure that each student can develop and grow in an environment that meets their needs.

To help your child be successful we offer:

  • Individualized Academic Programming
  • Regular Clinical Treatment
  • Behaviour-Management & Modification Strategies
  • Professional Home Settings

How We Can Help:

  • Assist children with special treatment and learning needs in obtaining their highest academic potential
  • Promote healthy personality development in the child
  • Reduce and counterbalance the negative factors contributing to a child’s emotional health
  • Support and facilitate the transition of the child back into a community school whenever possible and beneficial to the child or engage in planning which promotes continuity of care for the child when this is not possible
  • Support the child becoming a successful and self-led learner
  • Support the child to feel part of a school community
  • Provide professional teaching and counselling through classroom experiences that promote normal maturation (care), prevent further injury to the child (safety), and correct specific problems that interfere with healthy personality development (treatment)

Our 3 Pillars For Success:


Children with specialized treatment needs should have access to high quality, compassionate and therapeutic settings both at home and at school. Our program allows for the simultaneous delivery of educational and therapeutic interventions around the clock. We provide opportunities for growth by utilizing your child’s strengths. Our top priority is to transition your child back home.

We offer:

  • Customized clinical treatment
  • On-site clinical staff
  • Individual and group therapy
  • Regular evaluation
  • CARF accredited


Your child will live with trained Parent Therapists that provide substitute family life experiences, together with treatment services in a structured home environment. We focus on the development of positive relationships, social skills, personal responsibility and family values. The treatment program is designed to assist children who have a wide range of emotional, psychological and/or behavioral problems and help them succeed.

Your child will benefit from:

  • Safe, healthy home environments
  • Professionally-trained Parent
  • Life skills development
  • Documented progress reports


We provide confidential and safe classroom environments for students who have exceptional treatment and behavioural needs. Our staff have specialized experience in Psychiatry, Psychology, Counseling and Social Work. Our students benefit from therapeutic relationships, behavioral management techniques, individualized learning programs and continuous clinical and academic support.

Our school features:

  • Kindergarten to grade 12
  • Low staff to student ratio
  • Emotional and behavioural support
  • Individual academic plans
  • Student-directed learning

If you would like to find out more about our program please contact us via the form. We’re also available to take your phone call during regular business hours (EST) at 613-962-1042. If you prefer, schedule a time for us to call you.

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    2023/24 Tuition Rates

    Grade 3 – Grade 12

    Program Attendance Canadian Student International Student
    Term 1& 2 Day $30,750 $33,270
    Boarding $86,670 $89,180
    Summer Program Day $6,400 $6,900
    Boarding $17,330 $17,840
    Prices are listed in Canadian currency and are subject to change.

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