Autism-related articles that may have value for you

Sometimes we get outreach from people that want to ‘spread the word’. Here’s a recent email from a family looking to share some autism-related content that has value to the community. Enjoy!

“Our youngest child, Anna, is a very special girl who just happens to be on the autism spectrum. Although her diagnosis was a little overwhelming at first (she was 6), our family of 6 has learned how to work as a team so that every single one of us thrives!

I honestly believe that had it not been for our wonderful doctors and our “village” of other parents who can relate to our family’s journey that we would have taken a lot longer to establish a routine that works for all of us.

And truly, our village includes sites like yours that offer support and positivity to families of all abilities. My fellow parents and I are constantly sharing information and stories with each other that we think may be helpful, and I appreciate that you do the same via your site!

Here are a few articles with information you might like:

Safety in the Home

How to Create a Backyard Sanctuary for Kids with Disabilities

Help teens on the autism spectrum to navigate social relations

Creating a Home Atmosphere of Solitude to Help Cope with Adult Autism

When My Son With Autism Melts Down, Here’s What I Do

I included the last link because I have a friend with autism who has struggled with addiction. She’s on a really healthy path now, but this made me think of her when I came across it. I just think it’s a really poignant piece on a very important topic that many people are reluctant to talk about.”

Hope you find value in these links!