Applewood Academy for Progressive Learning’s clients experience difficulties attending traditional academic placements. Often they are identified as having learning disabilities; mild intellectual defiencies; developmental disabilities; attention deficit hyperactivity disorder; oppositional defiant disorder; conduct disorder or other emotional difficulties, such as, anxiety and sadness, which makes socializing very difficult.

The average client at Applewood Academy for Progressive Learning has had classroom experiences that are frequently characterized by peer conflict, teacher conflict, marginalization and failure. Resources for assisting our clients within traditional school settings are limited. It is also becoming increasingly difficult to secure and maintain placements within traditional academic settings.

As an alternative, maintaining a ‘home school’ program diminishes the client’s access to appropriate social experiences, limits the quality of instruction offered and further marginalizes the client. Home schooling over extended periods of time also places excessive strain on the parent-child relationship and increases the likelihood of family breakdowns.

Applewood Academy for Progressive Learning provides short and long term educational / therapeutic programming for children in this situation, understands the challenges that families face with traditional academic settings and work with all members of a client’s treatment team, medical, psychological, and psychiatric to create a positive learning environment for the client and maximize the client’s learning potential.

Applewood Academy for Progressive Learning is open to any child in need. Any parent or guardian in the community may refer their child to Applewood Academy.