Applewood Student Wins Art Award

Applewood Student Wins Art Award for Her Intricate, Colourful Digital Art

An Applewood Academy student has been honoured with an award for her highly personal artwork. Recently, high school students throughout Belleville participated in a juried art challenge called “When I Close My Eyes,” contributing art pieces in various mediums and styles. Applewood high school student Michelle had two pieces, “Stained” and “Inner Beauty Inner Turmoil,”… Continue reading


Applewood Academy Leaves No Child Behind: Michelle’s Story

The staff at Applewood Academy for Progressive Learning (AAPL) believes that no child should be left behind. It’s a special place where each and every child, regardless of individual challenges, can find the support he or she needs to thrive and succeed. Nobody knows this better than Susan Hall. Her daughter, Michelle, is autistic and… Continue reading


A Day in the Life of an Applewood Student

A warm and bright self-described tomboy who loves to laugh, Shelby gets excited about shoes. “I think I have 20 pairs,” the 16-year-old said. “Mostly runners and hightops. I don’t wear flip flops or girly shoes.” Today, Shelby is a student at Applewood Academy for Progressive Learning in Belleville. Three years ago, she’d been handed… Continue reading

Too Much to Handle: Learning To Ask For Help At School

Just over a year ago, Travis was being kicked out of school on a daily basis. A seven-year-old with a lot of aggression, he was sent home every morning for hitting, kicking or even biting his teachers. The local school board had done everything that they could; Travis needed a different type of intervention. He… Continue reading

Coping Skills Lead To Success In The Classroom

When Thomas first came to Quinte Children’s Homes a couple of years ago, he was generally shy and withdrawn. However, he also had some significant behavioral issues. Those same issues came up in the classroom when he started attending Applewood Academy. “Thomas had a lot of aggressive behaviour and conflicts with other students,” explained Angela… Continue reading

Pulling Things Together To Reach His Dream

Steven just didn’t like school. Ever. “I didn’t see the point,” he said. “And it was boring.” Now in grade 11, Steven has been a student at Applewood Academy for about two-and-a-half years. Applewood is a private school that combines therapeutic support with high-quality education for youth who have emotional and behavioral problems. When he… Continue reading