Team Members

At Applewood Academy for Progressive Learning, we believe that responsibility is a learned behaviour. Individuals within our programs learn by example to be responsible for their own actions and attitudes, as well as their learning process. Teachers model responsibility in their teaching, planning and pursuit of education. The Clinical Team demonstrate responsibility through careful planning and implementation of individualized and meaningful programs, which will assist each student and teacher in achieving their goals.

Marissa Norton

High School Teacher / Principal

Dave Lear

Elementary School Teacher

Serena Pepper

Program Lead

Jenna Freeman

Jenna Freeman

Program Lead
(High School)

Melissa Hulshof

Program Coordinator

Cathy Fequet

Program Supervisor

Shannon Crosbie

After-Hours Supervisor

Treena Mochllla

Food Service Manager

Jada Amo

Therapeutic Crisis Intervention Instructor

Brianna Shelley

Program Lead

Amanda Partridge

Program Lead