Applewood Student Wins Art Award

Applewood Student Wins Art Award for Her Intricate, Colourful Digital Art

An Applewood Academy student has been honoured with an award for her highly personal artwork. Recently, high school students throughout Belleville participated in a juried art challenge called “When I Close My Eyes,” contributing art pieces in various mediums and styles. Applewood high school student Michelle had two pieces, “Stained” and “Inner Beauty Inner Turmoil,” accepted into the 2nd annual Downtown Belleville Student Art Show.

Michelle has worked with staff at Applewood Academy to create her artwork in a computer painting program using the mouse as her artist’s tool. Michelle, who is autistic and extremely sensitive to environmental stimulation, speaks only through her iPad using Locabulary, a communication app. Her mother says that Michelle’s experiences in Applewood’s art program have been a highlight of her time at the school. Read more of Michelle’s story.

“Michelle has been a part of the Applewood school community for a number of years and has continued to surprise us with her talent”, says program coordinator Cara Pinchuk. “This year’s submission to the art show was another step beyond impressive and I am elated to see Michelle’s progress in her art and her experiences here at Applewood. I am so proud of you Michelle!”

The art show was sponsored by the Belleville Downtown Improvement Area (BDIA). Participants submitted a diverse range of art, including photography, painting, sculpture and original digital art pieces. At a reception held in April at the Core Centre in downtown Belleville, Michelle’s piece, “Inner Beauty Inner Turmoil,” was purchased by an attendee of the show. Following the show, the 63 pieces of student art were on display throughout the month of May in 35 storefront locations in downtown Belleville.

QuinteALIVE, an independent arts group, sponsored a second leg of the competition, judging each of the student’s works. They held another reception for winners on May 29th, and Michelle was awarded second place for her intricate and colourful piece, “Inner Beauty Inner Turmoil.” She received gift certificates for Scalliwag Toys and the Bourbon Street Pizza Co.

“The judges recognized the piece for its detail and sophistication and amount of work,” says Michelle’s proud mother, Susan Hall. “When Michelle sets out to produce an art piece, she typically has the picture in her head and needs to then spend the time on the computer in the paint program to get the picture out. About a day’s work will garner her results she is satisfied with and then, with input from others, she may or may not tweak it.”

Susan says Michelle is now hard at work on some art pieces for a calendar that could hit stores in the fall.

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