At Applewood Academy for Progressive Learning, our primary goal is to provide children with opportunities for academic success and thereby create a positive attitude toward an environment that is often avoided, due to their previous negative experiences.

Applewood Academy for Progressive Learning’s mission is to maintain the child’s academic placement through the development of therapeutic relationships, the application of behavioral management techniques, the implementation of individualized learning programs and continuous clinical and academic support.

Applewood Academy’s vision is that children with specialized treatment needs will have access to high quality, compassionate and therapeutic educational programming that allows for the simultaneous delivery of educational and therapeutic interventions.

Applewood Academy for Progressive Learning has set its’ goals:

  1. To assist children with special treatment and learning needs in obtaining their highest academic potential;
  2. To promote healthy personality development in the child;
  3. To reduce and counterbalance the negative factors contributing to a child’s emotional health;
  4. To support and facilitate the transition of the child back into a community school whenever possible and beneficial to the child or engage in planning which promotes continuity of care for the child when this is not possible;
  5. To support the child becoming a successful and self-led learner;
  6. To support the child to feel part of a school community; and
  7. To provide professional teaching and counseling through classroom experiences that promote normal maturation (care), prevent further injury to the child (safety), and correct specific problems that interfere with healthy personality development (treatment).