Valued Partners

In 1999, Mr. Jeffrey J. Waplak joined with Terry Stevenson to form Stevenson, Waplak & Associates. Stevenson, Waplak & Associates is a team of mental health professionals. Clients are offered a dedicated staff with specialized experience and designation in Psychiatry, Psychology, Counseling, Psychometry and Social Work. Stevenson, Waplak & Associates now provides services to more than 200 clients per year.

In 1999, Stevenson, Waplak & Associates‘ expertise in residential treatment was partnered with the residential management skills of Mr. Michael Schmidt to form Quinte Children’s Homes. Quinte Children’s Homes fashioned their program so that both primary care and treatment were delivered through Parent Therapists. Now, Quinte Children’s Homes helps more than 80 Children and Youth per year through its network of 35 Parent Therapy Foster Homes.

In 2002, Quinte Children’s Homes and Stevenson, Waplak & Associates developed a specialized Day Treatment Program and a partnership was created with Applewood Academy for Progressive Learning, to provide educational and day treatment services to clients unable to attend community schools. Applewood Academy for Progressive Learning now helps 20 to 30 children per school year to continue learning, while offering a treatment plan that addresses their emotional and behavioural problems, and charts a path for their return to community school.

In 2007, BridgeCross Residential and Outpatient Treatment Centre for Eating Disorders was developed in partnership with the clinical expertise of Stevenson, Waplak & Associates, the residential treatment expertise of Quinte Children’s Homes, and the educational expertise of Applewood Academy for Progressive Learning. It now provides residential treatment for 8 girls and young women in need of weight restoration and stabilization.