Applewood Academy Helps Students Find Their Love of Education

Applewood Academy for Progressive Learning (AAPL) isn’t your typical school. It’s a carefully designed therapeutic school environment, offering essential support for students who require individualized academic solutions.

You won’t see a classroom of 30 students.  AAPL is where small groups of children benefit from the support and close attention of caring, knowledgeable staff members.

“Applewood Academy has seen many successes over the years by meeting our goals of supporting and teaching our students,” says Program Coordinator Cara Pinchuk. “We help kids achieve successes in the school setting that they were unable to achieve in the past. Our Applewood staff – their patience, dedication and never-ending flexibility – is what allows our school to excel as a day treatment school.”

The school works in conjunction with Stevenson, Waplak & Associates’ clinical services to transition students back into the mainstream school system.

Ensuring That Every Child Succeeds

Many students come to AAPL with negative feelings about education. Often, they’ve had difficult experiences in a traditional classroom setting. They may have dealt with peer or teacher conflict, marginalization and failure. The staff at AAPL provides opportunities for academic success, thereby creating lasting, positive feelings about school.

Every member of AAPL’s staff is trained in the school’s direct instruction program, “Teach Your Children Well.” They are also trained in therapeutic crisis intervention and have strong backgrounds in mental health to provide students with all of the supports they require. AAPL’s high school staff is also experienced at advocating for students with the local school board and schools to ensure they are able to earn necessary credits.

The Orchard Drive location currently serves six elementary school students. They are welcomed by one teacher and two skilled staff members each day. At the high school level, the Belleville school serves seven students. Five students work with two staff members in a standard program. Another student works directly with two staff members. Another student works one-on-one with a designated staff member.

Frequently, children who come to AAPL have been identified as having learning disabilities, mild intellectual deficiencies, developmental disabilities, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, oppositional defiant disorder, conduct disorder or other emotional difficulties, such as anxiety and depression. In Ontario, approximately 18 percent of children ages 6 to 15 years old have a psychiatric disorder.

Of AAPL’s current students, six were referred by the Children’s Aid Society, four by the school board and two from private homes. One is an AAPL boarder.

AAPL’s vision is that children with specialized treatment needs will have access to high quality, compassionate and therapeutic educational programming that allows for the simultaneous delivery of educational and therapeutic interventions. Ultimately, we want each student to reach his or her full potential. Learn more about our mission.

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