Removing the stigma around mental health issues can be difficult

University Initiative Hopes to Reduce Stigma of Mental Health Issues

In their lifetime, one in five Canadians will have mental health issues; it’s estimated that two-thirds of those people won’t seek help. A stigma is a negative misconception based on a personal trait that is based on stereotypes rather than fact. This can include: misunderstandings about the causes of the disease questioning whether treatment is… Continue reading

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The Facts About ADHD

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) has been the focus of debate for decades – from symptoms, to diagnosis, to effective types of treatment. Many misunderstandings about the disease exist, and even its causes are largely unconfirmed. What we do know is that ADHD is not one specific disorder; it’s a family of related chronic neurobiological… Continue reading

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Learning Disabilities in Children: When it’s time to find help

Let’s start with one important fact: learning disabilities and intelligence are two different things. You can have a learning disability and be highly intelligent – even brilliant.  With the right kind of support, you can meet your potential. When should I be concerned? Symptoms of learning disabilities vary from person to person, and from one… Continue reading

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Journey into Dyslexia Brings Learning Disability to HBO

If you have dyslexia, the most common type of learning disability, you might feel all alone. You may believe that you’re different from everyone else, and that there’s nothing you can do – but that isn’t the case at all. This month on HBO, tune into “Journey into Dyslexia”, a documentary that takes an honest… Continue reading